• Paint with Processing – Part 1

    I imagine that some of my patreons and friends are wondering how I build some of my projects, and have decided to put together a series of bite-sized tutorials based on a workshop I put together called Paint with Processing. In this series will we find out how to create generative painting and image making systems that we can use as a foundation to connect to our own artistic practice.

  • ITP Camp 2017

    Day 1 Getting ready for my first day at ITP. About to head out to be in the space, but starting things out with doing the Safety workshop. Surprisingly, now that I have a woodshop, I feel like I am interested in making some cool furniture. Let’s see where today takes me. Day 2 The

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  • Casting the Line

    Tapping into your creativity is like sending a fishing line out to the sea. I’ve noticed that when I start to brainstorm, I lose focus of my surroundings, everything starts to blur out, and is probably what we have come to call a “day dream”. I’ve started to equate it with the idea of disconnecting

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  • Process Berlin: Part 2

    Spending one month in Berlin is possibly one of the best things I have ever done. It was a much needed time of reflection and life realignment as my career had arrived to a very dangerous point, being bored… When boredom strikes, it becomes very difficult to produce anything decent, or anything at all without resentment.

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  • Process Berlin: Part 1

    A few months ago, I felt like I had reached a dangerous position with my work. Though I have reached a level that I have become confident of my skills as a interactive designer, the projects I had been taking on had the feeling of becoming repetitive and unchallenging. That is when I decided that

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  • Takeaways 2014

    As the end of another year approaches, I always find it refreshing to clear out the closet and review the lessons I’ve learned. It is also a great moment to thank the all of the people I’ve worked with. For my first full year of real deal freelancing, I have have had many successes and failures, and

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