Tapping into your creativity is like sending a fishing line out to the sea. I’ve noticed that when I start to brainstorm, I lose focus of my surroundings, everything starts to blur out, and is probably what we have come to call a “day dream”. I’ve started to equate it with the idea of disconnecting from the body and tapping into something deep. With every casting of the line, there is the slightest risk that we might not return from the torrent. You are deliberately entering into a chaotic form of conciousness, a tumultous river that is the perfect environment for the mashing of ideas.

Mindfulness is the counterpart of this environment, focused, grounded and in touch with your immediate surroundings. Though recently mindfulness has gained attention and respect in the West, I believe both forms of thinking are necessary for a creative endeavor. Mindfulness is the setting of your foundation, and as you develop your concentration, you can cast your line farther into the chaotic flow. Going very far without the proper grounding, you risk being swept away, of which there are too many ambitious dreamers that can be made example. It is okay to go searching for the big fish, but be sure to have the counter balance to bring the line back in.