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ClaimFame is a state-of-the-art tool to help you accelerate your film career by giving you a huge selection of hand-picked casting calls, a professional-quality talent profile, and casting advice from our team of experts. My role was to create an interface that would capture the energy of the film industry and define a user-flow.

ClaimFame Intro

Starting the project without an identity made it necessary for us to put together a style tile that would define ClaimFame as we moved forward in development. Although the look was not set in stone, this allowed the development team to start building out the styles while we worked on the rest of the pages.

ClaimFame Stye Tile

We then created medium fidelity wireframes to layout the content of the homepage feed, which would be pulling information from many different sections of the site.

ClaimFame Wireframes

Not only would ClaimFame act as a publication resource to improve your acting career, users are also able to become members, create profiles, and become part of the ClaimFame community. The most active members and mentors are featured in the Featured Members section of the site.

ClaimFame Details

Altogether in the design phase of this project, we ended up creating around 15+ screens in order to present a visual prototype in InvisionApp. This gave the client the opportunity to experience a true-to-life version of ClaimFame before moving full-steam into development.

ClaimFame Home
ClaimFame Inner

We also created responsive guidelines for each of the screens that would help developers know the hierarchy and design adjustments that would take place on mobile devices.

ClaimFame Mobile

ClaimFame iMac