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Joyable provides evidence-based, affordable mental health services to the millions who can’t access them today. They came to project with an bootstrapped prototype, but needed an identity that would communicate Joyable’s mission and emphasize human connection as one of their core values.

Joyable Intro

We started the project with moodboards to give the Joyable team a sense of some of the ideas that started to come up while reviewing the project brief.

Joyable Moodboard

The concept we ended up choosing reflected how Joyable wanted to be seen by their users. It was a difficult balance for a service that was providing online therapy to ensure that they were presented as a verified medical service while also appearing inviting to users who were coming to the site in a distressed state of mind.

Joyable Logo
Joyable Colors
Joyable Typography

In conjunction with the logotype, we developed a series of illustrations to add character to the identity, and to act as the spokespeople for Joyable. We also extended these characters into an icon set that would allow users to quickly communicate their emotional state.

Joyable Graphic Elements
Joyable Icons
Joyable Photos
Joyable Apparel

After the initial phase of the project, we then moved on applying Joyable’s new identity to their website and web app. Coming up with a fresh design for their marketing page, and also, applying new styles and refinements to a few screens of their web app. We also supplied responsive guidelines for their team of developers.

Joyable Web
Joyable App
Joyable Mobile
Joyable iMac